Lula Fabrics


At Lula Fabrics we offer bold, colourful and romantic statements to brighten any interior.

Printed in Cape Town on, mostly locally produced, sumptuous linens and cottons, allowing for an artisinal hand-printed look and feel. Our designs range from tropical leaves such as Delicious Monster and Palm Frond, to tribal design in the form of ikat and suzanis.

The Saba Ikat


Lula Fabrics SABA IKAT collection is inspired by IKAT, a thousand-year-old technique that has spread throughout the world and is still practised by artisans in many countries.

The Ikat


Ikat is one of the oldest forms of decorative textiles. Originating from Indonesia, an ancient form of dyeing where bundles of yarn are resist dyed with bindings, once removed and woven, they create a distinct pattern.

The Bukhara


Bukhara is an ancient city in Uzbekistan, where our favourite tribal patterns hail. It was a prominent stop on the Silk Road trade route between the East and the West.

The Nostalgia


Inspired by old world flare and using nature to encapsulate the essence of beauty and elegance, Nostalgia is a range that is traditional, colourful, floral and whimsical.

The Geometrics


The Geometric Collection is all about bright colours, clean lines and the bold scale which encompass Lula Fabrics’ ethos and aesthetic.

The African Mischief


A mischievous African range that is quirky and incorporates the fun elements from all corners of Africa, while still being sophisticated.

The African Inspiration


Inspired by African mud cloth patterns, our large scale, design motifs are printed on luxurious cream linen.

The Spring


Inspired by the set décor and era of the movie “High Society”, featuring Frank Sinatra and Grace Kelly. This collection flaunts retro 50’s pastel shades and romantic florals.

The Silk Road


Inspired by the textiles from across the countries on the Silk Road. Woven Ikat designs and the very colourful and sentimental embroidered Suzani’s from Uzbekistan.

The Damask & Paisley


Inspired by traditional damask and paisley block prints synonymous with Indian block-prints. The Damask design is oversized and bold – perfect for long drapes and lager pieces of furniture.

The Delicious Monster


The tropical Delicious Monster range was inspired by the Delicious Monster leaf, commonly found in Africa, Asia and other tropical climates.

The New Tribal


The New Tribal Collection is based on traditional crafts from Russia, India and Arabia.