The African Mischief


All things African are always in vogue – African dress, hair, artefacts, safaris, the big five, deserts, the tropical islands.

I wanted to create an African range that was quirky, but incorporated elements from the different corners of Africa that had an element of fun, while still being sophisticated.

  • Baby Zebra in Chartreuse

  • Retro Circles in Aqua & Seafoam

  • Ginkoleaf in Aqua & Seafoam

  • Leopard in Gold on White

  • Leopard in Charcoal

  • Ginkoleaf in Indigo & Periwinkle

  • Retro Cirlces in Aqua & Seafoam on White

  • Baby Zebra in Indigo

  • Floral in Charcoal

  • Floral in Chartreuse

  • Leopard in Silver

  • Broken Stripe in Indigo & Periwinkle on White

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