The Damask & Paisley


The Damask and Paisley Collection was inspired by traditional damask and paisley block prints synonomous with Indian blockprints.

The Damask design is oversized and bold – perfect for long drapes and lager pieces of furniture.

The designs include vibrant as well as romantic colourways on natural cottons and linens, suitable for both curtaining and upholstery.

  • Damask in Duck Egg

  • Damask Jacquard in White

  • Paisley in Flat Navy

  • Damask in Lime

  • Damask in Pink

  • Paisley in Lime

  • Damask in Jute linen

  • Damask in Red

  • Damask in Navy

  • Damask Jacquard in Duck Egg

  • Paisley in Red

  • Paisley in Duck Egg

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