The Ikat


Ikat is one of the oldest forms of decorative textiles. Originating from Indonesia, an ancient form of dyeing where bundles of yarn are resist dyed with bindings, once removed and woven, creates a distinct pattern.

The striated edges of the design are also characteristic and result from the weaver’s challenge of lining up the dyed yarns. Ikat fabrics are favoured by textile collectors all over the world.

The Lula Ikat is our printed interpretation, adopting the blurry edges, geometric patterning, and vivid colours, which are all synonymous with ikat weaves and design.

  • Spot Grey

  • Ikat Coral

  • Ikat Aqua

  • Spot Jade

  • Ikat Jade One

  • Spot French Blue

  • Ikat Indigo

  • Ikat Charcoal

  • Ikat Pink

  • Spot Indigo

  • Spot Pink

  • Spot Coral

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