The Saba Ikat


Lula Fabrics SABA IKAT collection is inspired by IKAT, a thousand-year-old technique that has spread throughout the world and is still practised by artisans in many countries.

IKAT is derived from the Malay verb mengikat (to tie, knot, roll), and consists of a particular technique of dyeing warp yarns, which are then woven with weft yarns to produce woven fabrics with original, authentic and distinct designs.

The collection features patterns inspired by Mediterranean cultures that use the most emblematic colours, such as blue, turquoise, mustard, red and indigo.

  • Narrow Stripe in Turquoise

  • Madrid in Indigo

  • Aztec Stripe in Oxford Blue

  • Aztec Spot in Aqua

  • Aztex Spot in Turquoise

  • Strie in Cherry Red

  • Mallorca stripe in Dark Green

  • Ibiza in Turquoise

  • Narrow Stripe in Taupe

  • Narrow Stripe in Oxford Blue

  • Strie in Turquoise

  • Ibiza in Cherry Red

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