The Spring


Inspired by the set décor and era of the movie “High Society”, featuring Frank Sinatra and Grace Kelly. This collection flaunts retro 50’s pastel shades and romantic florals.

The Grace Kelly is a whimsical rose pattern on soft linens, for floaty curtaining. The Grace Kelly Stripe is a bold pastel stripe, with a centred rose that softens the lines, ideal for patio furniture or living room curtains. Our Clarke Gable print is a classic geometric, which lends a sense of fun to a classic retro interior.

This collection emphasises the brightness and warmth of spring.

  • Grace Kelly Stripe in Chartreuse

  • Clarke Gable in Geometric Pink

  • Grace Kelly by Day in Red

  • Grace Kelly Stripe in Pink

  • Clarke Gable in Yellow

  • Blossom in Watercolour

  • Clarke Gable in Chartreuse

  • Grace Kelly by Night in Red

  • Clarke Gable in Black

  • Grace Kelly in Pink

  • Grace Kelly in Red

  • Blossom by Night in Watercolour

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